Matan & Adi

At first we were not even sure we needed a DJ at the wedding, but after we met Udi, there was no question.
With a huge smile and amazing energies, he entertained us and gave us crazy music that made us feel like celebrating at a wedding.

At the wedding Udi picked up such an amazing party and all the guests from small to large flew to the sky.
Courageously confronted a crowd of young, secular, old-age religious Jews who were lovers of their faith, Omer Adam Eminem and Chava Alberstein, and they were all happy.
Even Udi came out from the plaza more than once, and he dance with us, with joy and love that made us feel that he was really a family.
We wholeheartedly recommend Udi, who was a significant factor in the fact that the wedding was an unforgettable event for us.

Karin & Boris

We married at the Dubrovin estate on Friday afternoon, more or less on the hottest day of the year.
We wanted a happy wedding, a crazy party and just being fun! It was hot. is very! And yet, the expansion was packed throughout the event !!! 

The music is great, the DJ is awesome! All you need to make happy is Udi – which is simply the definition of a happy word!
There was no one who did not ask where we had brought Udi, and even some were shocked that he could fill the square on such a hot day!
Odik, thanks for everything!

Tzor % Lior

Udi the King !!! What a fun DJ we were at our wedding !! We leaned on it with our eyes closed. From the first conversation we felt that there was a flow between us. He knew how to adapt the music to the whole audience without asking for songs at all.
And he put exactly what we would choose. There is nothing on it and we recommend very very very!!
 Udi managed to lift the atmosphere both from the music and from the dancing he entered the dance floor with us! You see that he loves what he does.

Naama & Roee

Our wedding was a lightning wedding and therefore we needed the cooperation of reliable, open, and professional. Udi answered all these definitions, and laid us calm and quiet and we knew there was someone to trust.
Even during the event he was amazing! With a big smile and electrifying energies, everyone danced – from small children to grandparents including uncles from America 🙂 Another chance to thank the magical event!

Lisa & Nitzan

Udi was amazing! We arrived at him at short notice, a week before the wedding and he was charming.

He scored a stamp for our taste and of the guests and made an excellent atmosphere at the wedding, we could not get any more. 
Beyond that, he is an amazing person who sees that he enjoys work, and has a relaxed atmosphere and security from the first moment.
Really recommend taking it to any joy! Lisa and Nitzan

Shani & Klil

Udi! We are very happy that we chose Udi to be the DJ at our wedding!

We heard him pick up at a friend’s wedding where we did not stop dancing all night long and we knew..

Beyond being a friend and music, parties and joy are an inseparable part of his life, he is also an amazing and attentive person, and he can walk exactly according to our desires and the wive he received from us, and add his cool twist! We had great fun with him, strongly recommend and love each couple! Dance and be very happy;)

Tom & Adi

We did our social wedding at home and all the production including the fishing stand was a little out of the ordinary. Udi whom we heard about from many people knew how to adapt himself exactly to the audience and the atmosphere.

He danced all the time, sometimes in his position, and sometimes he went down to us and danced with everyone.

Udi has managed to adapt the music to the audience perfectly and since the wedding we hear only compliments on him.

We strongly recommend him because he is simply a good, fun and fun person to consult and talk to along the way. Thanks Udi.

Noam & Gut

Udi !!

thanks for yesterday!!

You were so cool both a champion DJ and a movie dancer … A tape stamped our taste and blew us the floor, so we did not want to stop dancing until everyone was finished with busy muscles and bleeding feet!

We felt that you are with us in body and soul and enjoy yourself and it is the most fun .. happy that you have been tested to be part of our unforgettable day.

Happy holiday!

Noam and Guy

Tama & Tamir

Udi !!!! You are the most amazing thing we could ask for on our special day!

From the first moment we felt your positive energies pass through us touching and stimulating, gave you an impossible mission, without trance and without Orientalism, and promised to surprise!

So now that the magic is dissipating, the energies that you brought with us and transferred to the plaza will remain with us for many years to come. We can declare that you succeeded and were a big surprise!

Even the grandmother who told us “The music made me dance in a chair and I wish I could get up and dance in the yard” Thank you very much for everything, in love!

Shahar & Amir

Udi. prince.
I have no words. I always knew you’d be the one to stand there. But I did not expect that.
You’re rare !! The talent to hit every moment, to match, to stream and lift us all !!!
We won you. Completely!
A thousand thanks will not be enough to express my intention …
You are a champion !!! Just like that!

Arik & Ganit

Udi is a great man who just makes the wedding a great fun!

It was already on the first phone call, when Udi was attentive and open to hear what we wanted and needed. In addition, he was very professional and gave an excellent response even when the crowd was varied and complex for various reasons!

At the wedding itself he did an excellent job, enjoyed himself, and caught up with everyone in an electrifying atmosphere … Throughout the stressful process of organizing the wedding, we were very calm about DJ after we closed with him …

Dana & Yoav

We heard Udi playing at a friends’ wedding and we just could not stop dancing!

We have not decided to marry at this stage, but we knew that if we married Udi, the DJ would be at the wedding, and that was the end.

The process with him for the wedding was very pleasant and simple and neat and from the moment we closed with Udi we knew that the corner was closed.

Udi reads and feels the audience and knows how to adapt to different people, different ages and different events.

His music is interesting and varied with an alternative and special touch.

Elor & or

Udi! We love you! There is no way to thank you for all the good and the beauty and the amazing music and the fun and joy you brought with you for this special day !!!

I can not believe I’m saying this but I would marry again and it’s thanks to the good music that was all evening so a huge and full of love, hug!